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Easiest way to upgrade BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry OS upgrade can be done in 2 ways, online and offline upgrades. The easiest way is to use for beginner is online upgrade.

To do this you need:

  • Computer (laptop, nettop….. no problem)
  • A stable internet connection (if any….. high-speed internet connection)
  • Data cable to connect your BlackBerry (BB) device with computer
  • BlackBerry handheld with enough battery power (75% more, full is recomended)
  • BlackBerry Desktop Software installed in computer

Step by step

  1. Connect your BB with data cable to computer
  2. Open internet browser and point to address:
  3. Locate and click button that containing the words software updates or check update.

Process will run automatically. Allowed if there is request to create backup (backup should be made prior to this process).

So…. how to perform offline upgrades?

Perform offline upgrades require more preparation. You must prepare the supporting software. For more details, please go directly to the article Upgrade BlackBerry operating system (OS): online and offline.

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