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Envato Marketplaces + Free files every month = Awesome

Envato Marketplaces + Free files every month = Awesome. Yes it awesome! The Envato Marketplaces allow anyone to buy or sell digital goods like WordPress themes, background music, After Effects project files, Flash templates  and much more. The marketplaces are home to a thriving community of over 450,000 users, authors and buyers and every day hundreds of new files are added. Every month Envato Marketplaces give free files for their member. And it’s free to be a member of Envato Marketplaces 🙂

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Above are the Envato Marketplaces Sites. Just click the images to go there. And this month free files are:


Free Fotofolio – Premium Photography Portfolio Template. Really nice Photography Portfolio Template. The price is $12 but is FREE for this month. Click here to download!

Scribble Heads - Vector Packexternal-logomaker

FREE Scribble Heads – Vector Pack. Click here to download!

FREE Logo Maker / Image Editor. Click here to download!

FREE Audio Background – Slow Blues. Click here to download!

FREE Template for Video Project. Click here to download!

FREE Free 3D File – Car Wheel . Click here to download!


FREE Free PalmsForm – Form API for PHP. “PalmsForm takes all the hard work out of form building. You can get a form up and running within minutes. Form configuration and validation was never so easy. The best part about this library is that it is so flexible and convenient for you to customize your form, add / remove form fields, modify error messages, and extend core functionality of the library with minimal effort. As a result, you can use PalmsForm for all kinds of form, in all kinds of web sites and applications. It just works” Click here to download!

How to Code a Custom HTML5 Video Player

FREE Premium Tutorial – How to Code a Custom HTML5 Video Player. “Though the idea of a video-specific HTML element was suggested well over a decade ago, we’re only just beginning to see this come to fruition! Forget all of that “HTML5 2012” mumbo-jumbo; the truth is that you can use the video element in your projects right now!” Click here to download!

Enjoy… Hope it’s useful 🙂


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