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Making a simple gear with Corel Draw

Making a simple gear with Corel Draw. Not an advanced technique but useful for basic lesson.

First use ellipse tool and make 2 circle


Then make a rectangular with rounded corner like this


Duplicate the rectangular by pressing + on your keyboard and rotate it 60 degrees


Duplicate the rectangular by pressing + on your keyboard and rotate it 120 degrees

tutorial-dumbstrack-simplegear-corel-4Join them all with Quick Weld on the property bar

tutorial-dumbstrack-simplegear-corel-5Make a circle again and put it in the center of the image. Then use Quick Trim

tutorial-dumbstrack-simplegear-corel-6Fill it with color using Object Properties

tutorial-dumbstrack-simplegear-corel-7Make some style using contour



tutorial-dumbstrack-simplegear-corel-9Simple gear is done. Now duplicate and edit the image, so it can be look like this

tutorial-dumbstrack-simplegear-corel-10Hope it can be useful…. Demo created with Corel Draw X4

Download the pdf here !!




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