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Organizing Start Menu on Vista part 2 (“the easy way”)!

This is the second part of how to organizing start menu on Vista! Actualy in the screenshot I use the Windows 7 RC, not Windows Vista. But both Win Vista and Win 7 is still same in the inside, so I guess it will work best on Vista. I use freeware called Winstep Start Menu Organizer. Here we go…

First instal Winstep Start Menu Organizer. You can find the latest version at or the one that I use (just click here)!

After instal it, now run Winstep Menu Organizer using “Run as Administrator”

This is the main view of  Winstep Menu Organize. Because I use the freeware version, so some features may disabled. You can only use the default start menu categories (but you can hack it using the first part of  how to organizing start menu on Vista! )

Now just drag n drop the “Uncategorized Start Menu Items” into “Categories” or “Items in …. Categories“. See the the arrow!!! And press the Apply or OK button. The process might take seconds…

The result? See the arrow above… Now just repeat the steps above for the other “Uncategorized Start Menu Items“!

Finish! Now the start menu is more organized, easy to find something and it’s more faster to load!

Hope it useful… Peace!!!


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