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Organizing Start Menu on Vista

It’s your Vista start menu like this?

Well, install too many program will makes your start menu full of shortcut. If you don’t organize it, it will make you confuse. Especially, when you are in hurry and need to act fast. In some case, you don’t remember the name of the program that you installed earlier but if you organized it, I think it will make you easy to find something… Now let’s learn how to organize your start menu.

Go to this location “ C:Program DataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms “. Make a folder and rename it into a category name, like design, programming etc. After that, move the shortcut file or the shortcut folder into the the category folders cording to the category.

tutorial-dumbstrack-vista-startmenu-2The UAC on Vista might show off. Just click continue.
tutorial-dumbstrack-vista-startmenu-3Now this is the result your start menu look more comfortable
But we are not done yet. Vista save some shortcut of your application in the Users directory. Exspecially the application that installed with single user. Go to this location “ C:UsersyourselvesAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms “.

You can make a category folder here or move the shortcut files or folders to the start menu folder that you organized earlier.


OK we are finish. Here is the result of mine…


Now I can more easy run a program…
Hope this simple lesson will be useful!


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