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Javascript Framework dan 10 Framework Terbaiknya


Sama seperti sebelumnya, Framework itu adalah kerangka kerja. Kerangka kerja yang memudahkan kita menyelesaikan suatu pekerjaan. Jadi Framework Javascript adalah Javascript yang telah diatur menjadi suatu pola yang memudahkan kita dalam penggunaannya.
Awal pengembangan Framework Javacript dimulai saat memasuki era Web 2.0, generasi kedua dari layanan berbasis web dimana lebih meniktikberatkan pada kolaborasi online, sharing content antar pengguna dan lebih terarah ke User Content Generated.

Nah, berdasarkan kebutuhan akan konsep dan paradigma baru dalam pengembangan aplikasi berbasis web tersebut maka dalam pengembangannya diperlukan suatu sistem alur kerja yang bisa memudahkan dalam menciptakan aplikasi berbasis web yang canggih dan interaktif. Salah satu yang sering digunakan para developer tersebut adalah JavaScript Framework/Libraries dimana didalamnya terdapat JavaScript yang telah ditulis sedemikian rupa dimana sangat membantu dalam pengembangan sebuah Aplikasi Web, terutama dalam pengembangan AJAX (Asynchronous JavaSript And XML). Sebuah teknik pemanggilan cepat tanpa melakukan reload terhadap suatu page.

Dengan JavaScript Libraries tersebut para programmer bisa dengan mudah mengimplementasikan paradigma WEB 2.0 yang baru seperti User interface yang dinamik dan sangat interaktif kepada usernya.

Berikut adalah 10 TOP FRAMEWORK JAVASCRIPT yang dikutip dari sini. Tapi sayang, survey ini dilakukan pada bulan november 2009 (survey 2010 belum nemu hehe 😀 ). Oke. langsung aja…

1. jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library

jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library
Yes, jQuery is really a new kind of JavaScript library, you can write less but do more; maybe jQuery is the JavaScript framework that have the biggest collection of plug-ins and add-ons. Some things you should know:

  • Current version: 1.3.2
  • Size: 19 KB (Minified and Gzipped) and 120 KB (Uncompressed Code)
  • Author: John Resig
  • Tutorials in 19 languages: 183 (data on 19 October, 2009)
  • Sites in use: 1000+
  • Plugins: 3.493 (data on 19 October, 2009)
  • Easy to learn
  • Support designers very well, by using CSS syntax
  • A lots of nice and lovely extensions
  • Great community, maybe largest
  • Used by millions of website and well known companies like Google, DELL, CBS, NBC, DIGG, Bank og America, WordPress, Drupal, Mozilla etc…

2. MooTools – a compact javascript framework

MooTools - a compact=
MooTools is an Open Source MIT application, which you have the possibility to use it and modify it in every circumstance.

  • Current version: 1.2.3
  • Uncompressed Size: 95 KB (client) and 22 KB (server)
  • Author: Valerio Proietti
  • Using: w3c, cnet, bing, …
  • Plugins on Official site: 4
  • Better OOP structure
  • The animations are smoother
  • The syntax and the handle of elements are more logical

3. Prototype: Easy Ajax and DOM manipulation for dynamic web applications

Prototype - Easy Ajax and DOM manipulation for dynamic web applications
Used by the big media companies and organizations, Protorype is unique JavaScript framework that is quickly becoming the codebase of choice for web application developers. And now with the latest version, 1.6.1, Protorype has improved performance, new user-action events, and compatibility with the mordern browsers.

  • Lastest version: 1.6.1 (1st September, 2009)
  • Uncompressed Size: 136 KB (closely 5.000 code lines)
  • Creator: Sam Stephenson
  • Using: NASA, CNN, NBC, …
  • Plugins: 150+
  • Better for the big web apps, give you many choices to write custom code

4. Dojo Toolkit: great experiences for everyone

Dojo - great experiences for everyone
Dojo Core features small, fast, deep – gives you a rich set of utilities for building responsive applications; great interface widgets with accessibility and localization built right in.

  • Lastest version: 1.4 Beta
  • Compressed Size: 26 KB (closely 5.000 code lines)
  • Foundation: Dojo Foundation
  • Dojo Users: AOL, IBM, Sun, …
  • Client-side data storage
  • Server-side data storage
  • Asynchronous communication

5. easy-to-use, cross-browser user interface JavaScript libraries - easy-to-use, cross-browser user interface JavaScript libraries
Update to the lastest version, is an open-source JavaScript framework for visual effects and interface behaviours, have some improved features as: loading work maker, Windows Media player/RealPlayer checker, fixing old issues, … check more at here

6. ExtJS: Cross-Browser Rich Internet Application Framework

Ext JS - a cross-browser JavaScript library for building rich internet applications
ExtJS is a very cool cross-browser JavaScript framework for helping you build rich web applications, support all modern web browsers. Plus plenty of plugins and extensions, your ExtJS based web applications become more attractive by features such as well designed, documented and extensible Component model, high performance, easy-customizable UI widgets, …

7. UIZE: supporting widgets, AJAX, DOM, templates, and more

UIZE - a powerful, open source, object oriented JavaScript framewor
Some things about UIZE you should know:

– is an open source Javascript framework
– easy-to-change your own CSS skins
– plenty of built-in widgets
– amazing effects and powerfull features

8. YUI Library: is proven, scalable, fast, and robust

YUI is proven, scalable, fast, and robust
is one of the biggest JavaScript frameworks in this list. YUI has all things to help you build interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX by a set of powerful utilities and controls. YUI has countless powerful features, plugins, extensions that take you the very long time to learn.

9. Archetype

Archetype JavaScript Framework
Let sees the power of Archetype by yourself to understand what it can do.

  • Lastest version: 0.10.0 (September 2009)
  • Size of package: 2.14 MB
  • Creator: Temsa & Swiip
  • In use: GifTeer, Meteo France, …

10. qooxdoo: the new era of web development

qooxdoo - the new era of web development
What’s qooxdoo? That’s great and powerfull JavaScript framework to create rich internet applications (RIAs) by taking the advantages of object-oriented JavaScript. qooxdoo includes a platform-independent development tool chain, a state-of-the-art GUI toolkit and an advanced client-server communication layer. It is open source under an LGPL/EPL dual license.

Yoo. Itu dia tentang 10 Framework Javascript. Kalo menurut gw sendiri, yang terbaik itu jQuery. Alasannya ? Ya karena baru itu aja yang bisa gw pake. hehe. Lalu bagaimana menurut anda ?

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